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Children’s photographer Holland Park

Children’s photographer Holland Park

It’s getting to be the best time of year, in my opinion, for location photography, and as a Children’s photographer Holland Park is a real treat.  It has fantastic light pools along the pathways and some great child sized buildings and flower beds, perfect for little toddlers.  It doesn’t have to be sunny for a …

Family photoshoot Isleworth

A few images from a Family Photoshoot Isleworth

A family I have photographed before have recently become the proud parents of a ColiDoodle and wanted to capture the dog with their family in a location shoot.  Now I don’t normally do animals as they can be extremely unpredictable and difficult to sit still, even more so than children.  At least …

Twins Photo Shoot Richmond

A sneak peak at a Twins Photo Shoot Richmond

Twin siblings at nearly 1 year old, they can either be double the trouble or double the fun.  These 2 were simply gorgeous, not able to walk yet (perfect..they couldn’t escape!!) and with massive brown eyes, really beautiful.

I aim for a natural looking image, so will find a nice backdrop …

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