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Child portrait photography

Photographing babies is a child portrait photographers most important starting point, a relationship is made with a family that will last a lifetime. This little girl was 7 weeks old, so slightly older than a newborn officially, however she was simply adorable and so well behaved, she didn’t mind being swaddled and loved the attention she was given. Child portrait photography isn’t just about getting great photos of that child, it’s about the relationships that child has. The way the mother is so in love with her it’s clearly visible in these images. I always ensure the studio is lovely and warm in order to be able to remove the baby’s clothing without them getting too cold. It of course means we’re all sweltering but rather that than a cold baby. I’ve also got a few new background/backdrops which I think are great, really smooth and great colours. This will give you more choice and let you decide on your own colour scheme for the images..though I do tend to veer towards the neutrals, dusty pink and dusty blue are rather nice.. A few ideas on this site for colour schemes (

So as you can see 7 weeks is absolutely fine for a shoot, don’t feel you’re constrained by the dates set by London newborn photographers who nearly always say up to 3 weeks is best. Well yes they are the most flexible before this date but babies are cute at any age…

Child portrait photography

Child portrait photographer

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Susan Porter-Thomas – Child portrait photography

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