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Chiswick Pregnancy Photographer

I photographed this lovely couple on a very hot day a few weeks ago when my new fan came in rather handy at keeping the glow down to a minimum. They were lucky enough to have been bought a voucher by his sister for a maternity shoot so didn’t have far to come to my studio in Ealing. I have a very well set up studio space in my home which is more relaxed than a commercial studio and my clients always comment on how easy and fun the sessions are.

The best times to do your pregnancy shoot would be between 32 and 36 weeks unless you’re expecting twins when a month earlier is fine.. Chiswick is full of young couples and so I see a lot of clients from the area in my studio.

Chiswick Pregnancy Photographer

Chiswick Pregnancy Photography

Chiswick Maternity Photographer

Pregnancy Photoshoots Chiswick

Chiswick Pregnancy Photography Ideas

Susan Porter-Thomas LSWPP – Chiswick Pregnancy Photographer

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