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Over 12 years experience as a London Children’s Photographer!

Family Photography is the most enjoyable part of my work, ever since my own children were born, I’ve been entranced by kids and how they look at the world.  Children are a joy to work with, and no, I’m not just saying that!  I end every shoot on a high, having had a brilliant time with them.  I know I’ll be able to give you some fantastic images for your walls and albums, which will tell the world just how much you love them.  And they will think you’re the best parents in the world for making them look fantastic rather than saving all the naff ones of them grumping (which you obviously bring out at their weddings!).  I have over 12 years of experience in photography and 8 years in business before that and I know how precious the time is when your kids are small.  Don’t loose that moment, capture it now and it’ll be there forever even though your children will have to grow up.


Why book me?

Apart from the 11 years of experience that I have with children and families, I thoroughly enjoy my job and I hope you can see that in my work. I am also very conscious of not doing The Big Sell on my clients.  I really hate it when I feel I am being manipulated or forced into buying things, and so I have vowed not to do it to my clients.  Your images will go online and you can view them in your own time at home.  My aim is for the images to speak for themselves, I want you to love them so much that you want to buy them, rather than have me persuade you to buy them.  What I will do however is help you if you’re unsure which ones will look best either on your wall or in an album, so don’t feel you’re on your own.


Outside shoots..

For Family Photography London is spoilt for amazing places to go.  I strongly believe that location photography is the way to go with younger children, they are far more relaxed, are easily entertained and distracted and are free to move and to explore, all of which lead to far better expressions and a really lovely family experience.  I will lead the kids around from one setting to the next staying just long enough to get some great shots without them getting bored before moving to the next place.  There won’t be much walking as all the places I like to shoot in have great locations really close together, and I wouldn’t want the children to have to walk too far as it may effect their mood!

If you’re concerned about how your children will react to a shoot, read this blog I wrote and don’t worry…  Family photo shoot tips and advice for parents

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Price of Prints etc

You can choose to buy prints, digital files and wall displays with prices starting from £45, with the beautiful Mosaic Boxframe at only £550. For information on what the images will cost you after you’ve seen them online click here. Families –  product pricing

I quite often do seasonal offers so it’s worth checking out the Specials page


How to make a booking

To book my skills as your family photographer you’ll need an idea of where you want to do the shoot, so have a look at the locations pages on the site.  You’ll also need a few dates in mind in case your first date is not available.  Email Me...or call on 07815 864 884


See what it’s like

If you’re still not sure, then have a look at a video of me at work with some kids in Kew Gardens – 

Susan Porter-Thomas LSWPP Family Photography London

Family Photography London 

Book a home or Outdoor family photo shoots with me and I’ll be able to give you some fantastic images for your walls and albums, which will tell the world just how much you love your family..

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