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Ever since the birth of my first child Sam, I have been a blur of cameras and photo shop experiments, I simply couldn’t get enough of taking photos of him.  I dug out my gorgeous manual Olympus OM2 camera that my father gave to me when I was 18 and I’ve never looked back.

Thanks to my wonderfully artistic mother and my highly logical and techy father, I have inherited a love of both worlds which are key to being a successful photographer.  After working in the business world (BA) for 8 years after University and picking up all I needed to know to be my own boss, I found the courage to start a photography business of my own.  12 years on and I have become one of the top London Family Photographers, specialising in fine art pregnancy photography, newborn photography and location family photography.

People travel from as far away as Cambridge and Tonbridge to my studio in Ealing, West London to have me photograph their pregnancy and from then on I am asked back to take baby photos and family photos as children grown up.  My aim in my career is to do the best job I can every single time, for the children to have a great time on the shoot and look forward to the next time I see them, to make my clients very happy (which in turn makes me very happy), and eventually I want to photograph the weddings of these children.

Bring it on!!!

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Newborn photographer West London

Here are a few images from a recent baby shoot that was taken in the studio. As a newborn photographer West London is a hot house of reproduction. There is a wealth of new families in the leafy suburbs of Chiswick, Richmond and Kensington. This family braved the car journey to come to the studio which gave me a bit more control over the lighting and background and I had the added benefit of them being happy to take clothes off to get that awesome skin on skin baby and parent shot.

I am very happy to do home shoots when you have a newborn in the house as this can be less stressful than working out how to leave the house with all the gubbins you need nowadays for a new baby. However some clients prefer not to have anyone in their home and like the thought of getting out to a relaxed studio environment where they don’t have to think about anything other than their shoot. This little one was extremely well behaved and slept pretty much the whole way through the shoot.

My newborn images are very relaxed and don’t require any weird posing or manipulation of your baby, I believe they should be taken without any props, so much of newborn photography nowadays is about the props. No, I’m more about the baby and I think that will stand the test of time better too..

Newborn photographer West London

Newborn photography West London

Newborn photographer in West London

Newborn photo shoots West London

Newborn photoshoots in West London

Baby photographer West London

Newborn fine art photographer West London

Newborn photography ideas West London

West London Newborn photographer

Susan Porter-Thomas – Newborn photographer West London

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