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Digital Packages explained


High resolution digital images

High resolution digital files

The high res files are suitable for printing to upto A0 size and beyond if need be.  These files are good for albums, canvasses, framed prints and greetings cards.  The specifications are around 5000 pixels on the longest side and 300 dots per inch.  File size is around 8MB per image and for this reason it is not recommended that you email these as they may clog up a persons inbox!


Low resolution digital files

The low res files are files that you would use for on screen viewing only, so for emailing friends and family, for social media uploads, and for digital photo frames.  The specifications are around 1000 pixels on the longest side and 72 dots per inch(dpi).  File size is roughly 300KB.  These files are NOT suitable for printing as the minimum dpi needed for printing is at least 240dpi

Personalized Phone App

Sticky Folio is a personalised phone/tablet App creating an easily accessible area for all the images from your shoot.  These images can be shared and tagged and sent any which way you like, it is the perfect way to keep a record of your whole shoot.  The images are low resolution so cannot be printed from but are the perfect size for sharing.

Personalised phone app

To order your digital CD
If you want to order the entire CD of images from your shoot, then simply select just one image within your album, then select the ‘High res CD of all images’.  The system will inform me that you want the whole CD and not just one image.  Delivery is usually within a week, however images can be sent more swiftly if need be via a download link..

As a FREE gift you will also receive a mini album of the 30 best images when you purchase the full disc of files. (the images will be chosen by me though if you do have any particular favourites do let me know)

Branded stickers

To order prints

Please log in to your album using the link above, select the images you would like printed, then you will be given options for prints sizes.  If you have an image that is not a standard size then the images will be printed in the proportions you can see..just let me know if you want to change this.

Matte versus gloss print paper:

Matte paper is excellent for displaying photos in an environment where light reflections can be an issue, since you don’t get any glare at all from matte papers. Matte paper is not generally suited for prints that are to be handled in their naked state as they can get scuff marks on them.  Matte papers are also very good when you don’t necessarily want that “wet” look but would rather have a softer feel to your photos.

Glossy papers generally offer the widest colour range and best resolution, but they suffer from glare which can be a problem under certain lighting conditions. As pointed out above, glossy paper is excellent for photos that will be handled in their “naked” state. They may show fingerprints, but they are usually quite durable, to the point where you can easily wipe off smudges or fingerprints without harming the prints.

Please allow 2 weeks for delivery


To order any Wall Displays

Check the type of wall display you would like and then please check how big your wall space is.  If you want to do a multiple image canvas then simply select the images you want to use and add them into your ‘favourites’ folder.  You can then ‘share’ them with me and I will make a mock up of your product which will be emailed before I send it to print. Please allow 3 weeks for delivery.


To order an Album

These beautiful hand made English albums use exquisite fine art archival paper, leather or canvass covering to your colour choice and are presented in an eco friendly presentation box.  I have looked at hundreds of album companies in order to select the best possible choice for my customers and I think that Folio Albums are the best.

folio albums handmade from Folio Albums on Vimeo.

For album orders, please select 30-40 images and place them in your ‘favourites’ folder.  This you can then ‘share’ with me and I will make up a mock up of the album.  You can then see how it will look and approve it before I send it to print.  Please allow 5 weeks for delivery of albums.  I will also need to know your cover options, but I will discuss this with you when I make up your order.

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