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Family photo shoots Richmond Park

For family photo shoots Richmond Park is a the largest of the capital’s eight Royal Parks and the biggest enclosed space in London.  The park is a National Nature Reserve, London’s largest Site of Special Scientific Interest and a European Special Area of Conservation.  It is a stunning place for a family photo shoot.

Pros – It’s free to go in and has some really lovely wild areas of natural growth woodland to explore and open fen areas where the dear roam free.  Because it is so big it is easy to get away from the crowds and find a place to play.  The best place I find for photography is The Isabella Plantation which is an ornamental woodland garden, full of exotic plants, that is designed to be interesting all year round. A safe place for little people to explore and lots of places to play in.

Cons – The Isabella Plantation is nice and compact however the rest of the park is rather large for small people to walk around and requires some serious effort to get between good spots for photography.  So I would stick to the plantation as it’s beautifully laid out and manageable for small feet.

Best times to go – All year round is good here as it has a good mixture of deciduous and non deciduous trees, little streams and bridges..very pretty.  Autumn particularly good though in the plantation, colours are amazing.

Logistics – This is a very large park with a number of car parks around the edges.  The nearest car park to The Isabella Plantation is the Broomfield Hill car park .  There is a cafe here that is open in the warmer months and there is a loo within the Isabella Plantation too.  The Plantation is about a 5 min walk from the car park along an easy dirt track.

Examples from family photo shoots Richmond taken recently in August this year

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