For family photo shoots Hampstead is truly one of the loveliest locations in London. This shoot was taken on one of the darkest dreariest and coldest days of the autumn and yet the vistas and colours and great backdrops are endless. I love the fact that there are little passage ways and wooden fences everywhere which is great for little people to explore. We also had loads of fun splashing in puddles. Thankfully the parents were happy for me to get the kids dirty. It’s a great lesson for me that even on dreadful gloomy days, it’s always worth doing the shoot, kids don’t care if it’s sunny or gloomy, they are interested in adventure and play which can happen no matter what the weather. As long as you’re dressed up warm enough there’s no excuse to having fun.

For those who are interested I usually do my location shoots using my 70-200mm f2.8 canon L series lens, which I love. It has great range and depth of field and I don’t need to be too far away from the action to get the look I am after.

If you’re interested in my location family photographer work please have a look at my gallery. I also do fine art children’s photography in the studio in West London.

Family photo shoots Hampstead

Family photography Hampstead

Family photo shoots in Hampstead

Family photoshoots in Hampstead area

Fine art family photo shoots Hampstead

Susan Porter-Thomas – Family photo shoots Hampstead

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