A windy day for a family gathering in Greenwich just by the river Thames. It was great fun wondering around the college there and exploring the park, a truly stunning location for a shoot. Everyone was on top form and we had great fun with the camera. These guys don’t get together very often so it’s great for them to have a few portraits to remind them of each other. If you’re having a family reunion it’s a great opportunity to get a few great shots in the bag, I only take up around an hour of your time and we always have a brilliant time so it’s not going to eat into your day too much.

Compared to studio shoots, outdoor family reunion photo shoots are generally superior in quality and in terms of lighting as it gets easier with natural lighting. However, in studio I always try to make it as closer as possible to the outdoor shoots so you can hardly even see the difference !

Family reunion photo shoot

Family reunion photography

Family reunion photo shoot ideas

Photo shoot pose for a family reunion

Family reunion photographer

Susan Porter-Thomas LSWPP – Family reunion photographer