How to take photos of a toddler and a newborn

Advice for a Princess and all of us 2nd time Mother’s out there..


So with Princess Kate’s photos still hot in the press of her 2 gorgeous kids, the question is being asked, how do you take photos of a toddler and a newborn without having a nervous breakdown!??  For the record, I quite like the photos Kate too, lovely light, sweet expression, outfits were a bit too twee but otherwise very good.


A few facts about toddlers which will help you in your venture:

1.  Toddlers have an attention span of 2 seconds, so what ever you do you have to do it quickly and make sure everything is ready to go as soon as he’s in place with the newborn.

2.  They may well have jealousy issues with the whole new-baby-thing… so don’t expect them to WANT to hold the new arrival or kiss them.  They have probably had it up to here already with people giving the newborn attention and not have a good bribe ready to go, mini smarties are fab as they are really quick to eat, tiny, and kids will do almost anything for them!

3.  Even if you haven’t managed to capture the shot you want, give lots of smarties and praise, give them a break and then ask if they want more smarties…usually works


The Pose

OK so now you’ve got the toddler sorted, lets get the baby sorted.  So you have a few options on how to pose the two of them here depending on what you have around you.

1.  Place the newborn in a basket or nest of blankets in a good lighting position near a window, you can then position the toddler next to them and get them to count fingers and see what colour their eyes are etc.  Be aware where the light is coming from when positioning the toddler

2.  Place the toddler on the floor on his/her back then the newborn in the crook of his/her arm.  This is really safe and when taken from over the top of them is a lovely shot.

3.  Build up and arm chair with blankets and wedge them both in, for a safe cuddling shot.  Again be careful where the light is coming from here.

4.  If you’re wanting your toddler to actually hold the newborn – tricky this one, they don’t grasp the concept of support at this age – then it’s best to put a cushion under the toddlers supporting arm

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If all else fails, get a professional family photographer to do the job for you..


If you need any help let me know!!


Susan Porter-Thomas LSWPP How to take photos of a toddler and a newborn