If you’ve been following me recently you’ll know that I have made a move into the children’s fine art photographer category as I would dearly love to produce some more poignant work, more timeless portraits of children using the studio with gentle lighting to make them look like paintings rather than photographs. I have been taking portraits of Children for 11 years now and feel ready for this mini leap into something a bit more interesting and hopefully appealing to my clients. I put out a plea on facebook locally for children with freckles as a starting point, I just love freckles and am covered in them myself, so this was a great way of getting willing clients into the studio to experiment with.

I’m really pleased with the results and will be doing more sessions soon to hone my skills. If you’re interested in having a fine art studio shoot then please do contact me with your request. Studio sessions are limited so book early to avoid disappointment. I hope to be able to enter my images into some competitions to see what the great and the good think of them. Wish me luck.

Children's fine art photographer

Fine art children's  photographer

Fine art photography

children's photography

Children's fine art photography

Fine art children's photography

fine art photographer

Susan Porter-Thomas Photography LSWPP- Fine art children’s photographer