When I wanted to do more fine art children’s photography I put out a request for freckled children to come along and give me the time to experiment with lighting and posing etc and play with the fan (aka wind machine!). The mother of this girl contacted me and asked if I could possibly help with her daughter’s confidence as she has been teased by girls at school about her freckles. Being covered in freckles myself I immediately said yes and she came along a little nervous and shy a couple of days ago. After about 10 mins she was relaxed and having great fun, she looks stunning and I really hope the session has helped her to see that she is beautiful.

I’m really hoping she gets some confidence from the shoot, none of the other girls will have images like these of themselves, she looks like a supermodel and freckles are a part of her amazing looks. If you’re looking for an artistic Children’s Photographer please do contact me if you’re in or around London, my studio is in West London and is easily accessible by tube and car.

Artistic children's photography London

Artistic kid's photography London

Children's photography London

Artistic children's photographer London

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Artistic children’s photography

Susan Porter-Thomas LSWPP – Artistic children’s photography London