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A new year, a new studio background..

So this shows how sad I am, but I was really exited about the arrival of my new studio backdrop which is called ‘peat brown‘ for my photo studio London etc.  I think I need to get out more.  But I have seen for a while now how effective the rich brown colour is for children’s portraits that I had to try it.  I even managed to get the backdrop installed in the studio myself (yey me!!).  In fact I love it so much that I might have to persuade a few more people to do family studio shoots rather than location shoots until my appetite is satiated.

So first out of the bag for experimenting with this fab backdrop was a pregnancy shoot with the most gorgeous 4 yr old big sister…take a look and see what you think of the brown…sumptuous or what?????

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I usually advocate going on location with children as they invariably do not want to stay in the place where the light and background are both perfect and would rather being dashing in the other direction, however this shoot we had a pregnant mother who needed the studio environment and so we did some fun stuff with the little girl and the bump including getting her to blow raspberries at her baby brother (far more amusing than kissing him!!).

Endless fun and lots of saliva later, some great shots of which I’m really pleased and considering I only used the brown background for about 10 mins, I’m really thrilled with the effect it creates.

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