A Family Photoshoot is never more poignant than when a new baby arrives. I have photographed this family before when it was just 2 children, and it was an absolute joy to see the new addition. I quite fell in love with them all.

I am lucky enough to meet the most gorgeous families and to be able to hold their precious newborn babies, which is always a real treat for me as I’ve left that phase of parenting far behind me now. So if you would like to do the same kind of photoshoot then we’re looking at the first month of life and preferably the first 2 weeks if possible. Older siblings need to have neutral clothing on or we can take tops off if they are young, this gives a lovely natural look to the images and stops any problems with colours clashing.

I want your eye to be drawn to the children’s faces and not to their t-shirts!! If you would like more tips from a photographer on clothing options for photoshoots then take a look at my blog with lots of useful hints.

Family photoshoots are special events and will give you the basis of your family memories, it’s so important to get them done.

Family photoshoot

Family photoshoots

Family photo shoots

Family photography

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Family portrait photoshoots