So you’ve all heard of the usual Calendars and keyrings, but what’s out there in 2015 for photo gift ideas this Christmas?

Photo Gift Ideas

I am a professional portrait photographer based in London, UK, and I see how much it means to people to receive family photos as a gift, material goods don’t mean as much as family memories and so I’ve created a list of great ways to pass on your family images to friends and family.  I’m not going to list every idea going but thought I would pick my favourite ways to use photographs as gifts.

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In no particular order:


Get them printed!!!

First and foremost, you really need to get your images off your computer and into prints/albums/frames etc.  I can’t stress highly enough that these images that are floating around in the cloud could so easily be lost or forgotten as your children in 30 years time will not know where the hell you put them or what the password is …I’ve written a blog about this problem and feel very strongly that you should try and get the best images printed out regularly ( what-to-do-with-your-family-photos )

I’m recommending OneVision Imaging as a first port of call for printing as the quality of prints is far superior to the high street print houses and the prints will last that much longer..


Print Boxes

If you don’t want to go as far as creating a whole album for a gift, you could put together the best images you have in a box.  These gorgeous prints are displayed with a mount and in a gift box for safekeeping and can use different paper types and sizes but is a great way to make photographs into a really gorgeous gift.

print boxes

Photo Restoration

Why not get an old image of one of your parent’s or grandparents and restore it to as good as new?  Onevision have this service and I can only imagine how touched the recipient would be.  Photographs were not as abundant when they were young and this would be a precious gift.


Vouchers for a Photoshoot

Why not give your parents or friends the chance to be a part of your family photo shoot or to have some great images of themselves.  Think about vouchers for newborn babies, for Christmas presents, for a Birthday gift, an anniversary, for Valentine’s Day or a child’s Christening present.  There is no expiry date. The vouchers are beautifully printed and embossed on thick card and presented in tissue paper and an optional presentation box to make it really exquisite to open. The Vouchers come in multiples of £25 and £50 (the family shoot will cost £200 and prints start at £40) and can be ordered by following the link Voucher Ordering.

Photography business packaging


A Photo Tray!

I haven’t seen this before but it’s rather nice, see what you think, from Hand Picked Collection website

Photo Tray

There are of course the usual ideas of calendars and keyrings but I think as a really thoughtful gift the above ideas have a bit more impact.

I am happy to help in anyway if people have printing needs and I offer digital files as well as print options for my clients.  Do get in touch if you would like to arrange a shoot.


Susan Porter-Thomas LSWPP – Photo Gift Ideas