This little girl just blew me away, such amazing hair and freckles and clearly enjoying everything the studio had to offer. We had fun with the wind machine and she took direction really well. In Windsor portrait photographers have the choice of studio and location with some great locations for family photo shoots, with Windsor Great Park and surrounding areas.

If you think your children are old enough to take direction and you love the timeless studio look do give me a call. I also had Rosa’s 2 brothers in the session with her and took some family images to have some more for Mum to choose from. I have a few different background colours but I’m loving this dark grey at the moment, it’s very much in fashion and in people’s homes so it goes really well on the walls.

If you’re having a shoot with a great background then you can wear probably neutrals, white, cream, grey, even shades of brown and definitely soft pink look gorgeous against it. I do prefer the darker images, it’s probably a backlash against the Venture type images of just the high key white backgrounds that dominated for so long.

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Windsor portrait photographers

Windsor portrait photography

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Susan Porter-Thomas – Windsor portrait photographer