For a maternity photographer West London has a wealth of mums to be, however this gorgeous bump came all the way over from Canary Wharf with her husband and mother in tow. Truly stunning, I thoroughly enjoyed this shoot, she had brought with her this gorgeous robe which swished perfectly. It’s always great to have your own clothing if you have anything suitable, it needs to be something that either fits closely to your pregnant body or drapes well and has a movement to the material.

If you need advice do say and I’ll talk you through a few ideas. I have plenty of materials and clothing for you to use here so don’t worry if you don’t have anything suitable though. A pregnancy photo shoot is such a great way to commemorate your pregnancy and perfect if you’re not too keen on plaster cast!!

Maternity photographer West London

Maternity photography West London

Pregnancy photographer West London

West London maternity photographer

Maternity photo shoots West London

Susan Porter-Thomas Maternity Photographer West London