Maternity Portraits in the Studio in West London last week. You can see here how impactful the studio can be for maternity shoots, you don’t have any distraction around and behind, we can create beautiful lighting and take time to pose correctly to make the most of the pregnant form. This lady blew me away, she was stunning, perfect shaped bump, gorgeous skin, amazing hair and looked stunning no matter what I dressed her in. Maternity Portraits are such a great way to remember the brief time before your baby is born, get it done artfully and you’ll be proud to show off your bump to the world.

I have a good selection of materials and clothing in which to dress the pregnant form, but it’s always great to have something personal with you. This lady brought along her wedding veil which is the tan coloured chiffon she’s clutching, it’s such a lovely idea to have something from your wedding with you. Give me a call at 07815 864 884 if you would like your own maternity portraits, and don’t leave it too late!! Around 32-36 weeks is perfect.

If you’re needing convincing that this is the most artistic way to commemorate your pregnancy, then check out the competition – Really bad ways to commemorate your pregnancy

Maternity portraits in the studio

Maternity portraits

Maternity portraits in West London

Maternity portraits in the West London studio

Maternity photoshoots

Maternity photography in West London

Maternity Photo Shoot in West London Studio