This beautiful Mum-to-be looked extremely elegant and had brought along some gorgeous cashmere to wrap herself in. I’ve recently bought a wind machine (aka fan!) and it was perfect to give her hair a bit of movement. I find straight hair slightly tricky when the client wants to look down as their hair gets in the way so the bit of wind cleared her face and made for a really lovely look I think. Pregnancy photo shoots are taken in my London Studio where I can control the lighting and background and where I have loads of things to drape/dress pregnant ladies in.

If you’re pregnant and wanting to create some fine art portraits then you should look to book ahead 2 months for a weekend shoot and 3 weeks for a weekday shoot. The shoot only lasts around 1.5 hrs and if you want your partner to come too I am happy to accomodate an early shoot so they or you can zip off to work afterwards.

I keep the cheezy images out of my shoots, only tasteful and beautifully lit images make it through, so please don’t worry I will make you look amazing.

Pregnancy photo shoots London

pregnancy photography London

London pregnancy photo shoots

Pregnancy photo shoots

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Susan Porter-Thomas LSWPP – Pregnancy photo shoots London