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Outdoor Family Shoot Preparation

Lets make the most out of your shoot..

What if it rains?

So I will only suggest a postponement if the weather looks like it will rain the whole time we have booked.  I am pretty good at working out when this will be necessary (I have an MSc in Meteorology!!  Yes really!) so if rain is the issue we may leave it until the night before to rearrange or even the morning of your shoot.  If it’s temperature we will know a few days out if this is going to be too cold (or indeed too hot!).  If it’s cloudy then we’re good to go, diffused light through clouds is far nicer to work with than bright sunlight.

What if we're stuck in traffic?

I generally spread my shoots out so that I don’t have any issues over timing, although if you are more than half an hour late to the session I will invoice you for £50 per half hour.  If you are more than 40 mins late then I will need to rebook your shoot for a later date at a cost of £250 so please do check how long it’s likely to take to get to the shoot location.

Take your foot of the parenting pedal for an hour..

I have photographed thousands of families and honestly the only problems I encounter with behavour is with the parents.  It’s totally understandable that you might feel the pressure of paying for a shoot so you want your kids to behave and to smile and to not kill each other!  But the more worried you get the worse kids will behave.  So my advice to parents for the shoot is to allow me to do the parenting as far as possible.  I know kids, I can entertain and control them.  They do not know me and that usually means they will do what I ask them at least for an hour or so!  I will ask you if I need help organising them but I want them to be relaxed and happy so please don’t worry about them.  I’ve seen every kind of child in the book I promise.  If you’re concerned about how your children will react to a shoot, read this blog I wrote and don’t worry…  Family photo shoot tips and advice for parents

What should we wear?

In general you should all aim to wear a similar colour scheme but not exactly the same, and you should compliment the colours in nature at the time of the shoot.  Take a look at this blog for my advice on clothing and colours.. WHAT TO WEAR

Can I take photos with my phone?

Please understand that the use of cameras will not be permitted unless it is for a ‘behind the scenes’ shot of the me, you can take as may images of me as you like!!!. I will have your images ready within a week of the shoot so you won’t have to wait long. I will have to ask you to put your phone away if you try and take photos of your children during the course of the shoot.  

How long are the photo shoots?

The location shoot would take around an hour and the edited images will be ready to view from your home computer within a few days.  I will take both black and white and colour images, I think they work equally well and are both going to stand the test of time.

I am happy to photograph siblings together and separately and parents with each child, it may take slightly longer to do 3 kids but I work quickly so as not to have them run out of steam and I find that the kids truly love the sessions and feel very special having their portrait taken.

Do I need to come back to see the images?

No, all your edited images will be viewable in an online gallery with an order for attached so you don’t need to find more time to get to me for a viewing.  It’s very easy to order from and I’m here if you need any help with it.

Can I use my purchased images online?

When you purchase digital images from your shoot, these images are to be used in a personal and private manner. If you share the images on social media you should credit Susan Porter-Thomas photography as the photographer and if you are wanting to use the images in a commercial setting then you should get in touch to discuss rates.

Outdoor family photo shoot

Can you remind me of the pricing

The prices listed on the website  and to the deposit fee as agreed at the time of booking.  You are welcome to upgrade to the full set of digital images for the reduced rate of £1000 upto the end of the shoot date when the price will go back to £1400. This can be paid in cash on the day too or an invoice can be sent.

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