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Outdoor Family Photoshoots

Do you feel a bit overwhelmed with family life but you dearly want to have a record of how gorgeous your children are?

I’ve been there, I know too well how all encompassing family life can be.  It requires 100% of your time and then there’s the guild from not doing all the things you want to do with them.

I myself made a very conscious decision to do photo shoots with my own children and produce an album every year and to watch them now look through these albums with their girlfriends (they are now 24/17), is truly priceless.

So if you’re toying with the idea, just do it, you really won’t regret it.  Not only is it 10 times harder for you as parents to take photos of your own children (we all know how they act up when you try to take a nice pic of them), but I have nearly 20 years experience with creating great portraits.  I know how kids tick, I know how to get the best expressions from them without the horrible cheese face that can occur, and more importantly I can make it a fun experience for you all.

So if you’re teetering on the edge, you are worried about kids behaviour or how the weather will impact things, have a look at some reviews and check the portfolio and perhaps send me a text.  I truly love doing family shoots and I’d dearly love to do yours.

 Family photo shoot tips and advice for parents

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Studio Family Photo Shoots

I have been a family photographer in West London since 2005 and have a fully equipped modern studio with gorgeous canvass backdrops and beautiful furs to pose on.  The studio is a lovely big modern space in Ealing, West London and as such is a very relaxed setting for children who settle in very quickly.  You can park on the road outside without a permit or the tube station is only 2 mins walk away.  I will aim to produce not just family photos, but gorgeous family portraits which will stand the test of time and form the backbone of your family record.

FAQ Family Shoots

How old do my children need to be to do a photo shoot?

For outdoor shoots children need to be old enough to either sit or walk on their own to make the most of the shoot outside.  I would not recommend a newborn or a crawling baby, as newborns will generally be wrapped up so tight when outside that it’ll be hard to see them properly, and crawling babies won’t sit still long enough for portraits to be taken.  They want to be on the move which, when crawling, means they have their head down which is not great.  So as long as they can walk or sit then we’re ok..

For studio shoots, any age is great.

What should we wear?

I will give you a call to discuss clothing and colours to use, taking into account the children’s characters and colouring and the time of year to choose clothes and props that will compliment them and make the most of their session. In general you should aim to compliment each other and the colours of nature (or the studio backdrops ) at the time of year you’re having your shoot.  Take a look at this blog for my advice on clothing and colours.. WHAT TO WEAR

How long are the photo shoots?

The location shoot would take around an hour and the edited images will be ready to view from your home computer within a few days.  I will take both black and white and colour images, I think they work equally well and are both going to stand the test of time.

I am happy to photograph siblings together and separately and parents with each child, it may take slightly longer to do 3 kids but I work quickly so as not to have them run out of steam and I find that the kids truly love the sessions and feel very special having their portrait taken.

Where should we do our photo shoot?

Click Here to see a few of my favourite locations to do family photo shoots.  But I also am happy to try new places, I’ll be able to tell you where the best places are for light and composition.

Do I need to come back to see the images?

No, all your edited images will be viewable in an online gallery with an order for attached so you don’t need to find more time to get to me for a viewing.  It’s very easy to order from and I’m here if you need any help with it.

Where is the Studio?

My studio is in West London, W5.  I have some really stunning canvass backdrops.  You can park on the road outside or the nearest tube station is Northfields on the Piccadilly line.

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