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How does it work?

About London Tourist Photo Shoots

Tourist photo shoots taking in the best spots in London with a pro portrait photographer

If you’re visiting London with your family or loved ones and would really love some beautiful photos of you in the most iconic London locations without having to do selfies or getting a stranger to take shots on your phone, then I offer a great experience for you.

I am a highly experienced family portrait photographer and have been using London as a backdrop for my shoots for nearly 20 years.  I know the best spots, the secret unseen spots and how to get the most out of your shoot.

If you have an itinerary and want me to come with you, or if you would like me to create a 2, 3 or 4 stop shoot around the most amazing locations then you can book me online now.

Update your family photos with one of London’s best family photographers.

London master photographer

Pricing and Booking

Location Options

Inner Temple

The Knights Templar Church, Cobbled Streets, Historic alleyways and buildings


Houses of Parliament, Thames Embankment and Big Ben

Tower Bridge

The Tower of London, Tower Bridge, Thames Embankment, view of the City

Hyde Park

Feeding the swans, mature trees and walkways, huge open space

Ideas for how to structure your shoot

1 hour – Hyde Park Portrait session followed by Westminster Bridge

2 hours – Buckingham Palace family photos on the Mall followed by Westminter Bridge then Tower Bridge and the Tower of London.  

3 Hours – Buckingham Palace, Inner Temple, Tower Bridge and Westminster


London Photo Shoots

How do I book a shoot?

Decide how long you would like me to be with you and book the time using the links above.  I will then be in touch to work out the best itinerary for you based on your preferences and where you would most like to be

How many people can we photograph?

The more people you have with you then the slightly longer the shoot will take in each location so just bear that in mind.  I’m very happy to do engagement couples or large family gatherings.

How do we get around during the shoot?

We will use the London taxis so this will be an extra cost.  You can use credit cards to pay for London cabs and we can pick them up easily so it’s the best way to make it to the next location quickly.

Can I choose where to go?

Yes absolutely, if you prefer doing different locations to the ones I’ve listed, it’s completely up to you.  If you like historic buildings or modern architecture, or if you want to go on the river..it’s your call.  We can create a bespoke shoot.

How many images will we get?

I will edit down the best images from your shoot and the total number will depend a lot on how many people in your group, how many locations we go to and the length of time you’ve booked me for.  For a 1 hour shoot I would expect there to be around 60 edited images selected from the whole set.

What if it rains?

If it looks like the weather is due to be really bad, I will be in touch to either try and fix a better time when it’s not raining, or we can use umbrellas if you’re restricted on time.

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