Master Maternity Photographer

Studio Pregnancy Photo Shoots

Your pregnancy shoot is tailored especially for you so at the start of your session we will talk about what images you really love and what you would prefer not to do and  I’ll structure the shoot accordingly.  If you’re not sure though I’m very happy to lead you through the most gorgeous image styles for you and  your colouring.

Experienced London Family Photographer

I’ve been a Family Photographer since 2005 with a special interest in Maternity Shoots as it really is the start of your family journey with me.  I also do elegant and unfussy newborn photography and my Children’s photo shoots are so enjoyable  for me let alone for my clients.  I hope to become the only family photographer you’ll need.

Ah Susan, I’m speechless!! The pictures are just incredible, I could never have imagined they would look like that! You are very, very talented. Please tell me where I can leave a glowing review?!

I have to say, it’s obviously an anxious time with birth on the horizon, but honestly, looking at whoever that woman is in the pictures, I feel she is strong and powerful and so ready for whatever is about to happen. All pregnant women should have a photoshoot with you, I think it would really help the NHS out!  Thank you SO much,

Laura 2022

Parachute Dress Outdoor Maternity Shoot

A Shoot Like No Other

If you are after a truly magical experience and would prefer an outdoor maternity photo shoot giving you a stunning set of high fashion maternity portraits that no one else will have, the parachute dress is perfect for you.  The dress has been hand made exclusively for my me by the amazing Alice Andrews Design over in the US.  I have admired her dresses for years and so commissioned a piece by her this winter.  If you have seen the style of outdoor family portraits I do you’ll understand the need for a dress that would blend with nature and not clash, which is why I have gone for the colour I have.  It is truly unique, there are no other photographers doing this kind of shoot

Studio Maternity FAQ

Where is the studio for Maternity photo shoots?

My West London studio is in West London, Ealing.  There is free parking on the road right outside and we are only 2 mins walk from the Piccadilly line tube station Northfields.

Do you do weekend shoots?

So my studio is in my home and as such I try to keep my studio bookings to weekdays only.  I am however happy to start early, so if you need to get to work we can do a shoot at 8am and you’ll be in work by 10am (you could claim to have a medical appointment!!).  I occasionally pop in a weekend session so do look out for them.

If you are looking for a particular time I don’t have listed, drop me an email incase I can fit you in.

How long is a pregnancy session?

1.5 hrs

At what stage do I do a pregnancy photo shoot?

The best time to have a maternity shoot is when you are between 32 and 36 weeks pregnant although twins pregnancies should be done earlier and shoots can be done upto the due date if you’re happy to do so.

Do you do Newborn Photo Shoots too?

Yes absolutely.  I’ve been a newborn photographer as long as I’ve done pregnancy shoots and do both studio and home newborn photo shoots so do check my baby photo shoot portfolio and book ahead to get a reduced rate if you also book your pregnancy shoot with me.

Do you provide clothing?

I provide a beautiful selection of materials to use in the shoot as well as dresses, skirts, shirts and drapes so you really don’t need to bring any clothing.  It is advisable to bring with you nude and white pants and some nipple covers if you can get some, but make sure the underwear you wear on the morning of the shoot is not too tight so as to leave marks.  You are very welcome to bring with you any clothing you would like to use or props such as hats or jewellery which will add your own touch to the images.

If you would like to rent a maternity gown to bring with you I can recommend Handmade Dresses for Hire – PropsandDrops.

Can I bring other people with me?

Yes absolutely.  I am a Family Photographer and your family is very welcome to your shoots.  If you bring a partner they are welcome to be in some of the images too, as well as other children.  Do bring another carer though if you’re bringing young children.

Do you retouch the images?

Yes I will retouch the images to enhance your natural beauty but not to make you look like another person.  I want you to be happy with your portraits so I can take into consideration any issues you may have with your body and will smooth out skin imperfections etc.  I am aiming for a best you natural look rather than an overly airbrushed magazine look and as such will not over airbrush images.  

Do you offer make up and hair stylists?

Yes you can add-on the hair and make up if you’re having a weekday shoot that’s fine.  When you make you’re booking you can choose the option, if you need something specific do let me know.  My HAMU guy Si James is brilliant.

If you want to have hair and makeup done at your home before you come, there’s a great company that does home beauty treatments called Blow

So I need to take my clothes off?

Not at all, this shoot is for you and as such I will do what you are comfortable with.  We will have a chat at the start of the shoot so I know what you’re wanting in terms of style and we will work with your preferences with regards to nudity.  Most of my clients decide to have some nude or semi nude shots simply because they look amazing..though I never do shots where you are able to see nipples or the pubic area, so rest assured I will preserve your dignity at all times.  Most of the time you will be using materials or arms and posing to cover up.

How long will it take before I can see the images?

The number of images you will get in your gallery depends on the number of people at your session, but as a rough guide it would be 45 images for 1 person, 55 for 2, 65 for 3 etc.. Your edited images will be placed online and be ready to view within a week of the shoot

I've found some images I love online, can we try them?

Do show me any images that best describe what style you like as this will help me to give you a bespoke shoot geared to your preferences. I want you to love your images so I’m happy to try new things too.

I'm really nervous ...

If you’re having a wobble with confidence and can’t bear the thought of posing for a camera when your body is simply not your own at the moment…feel conforted you are not alone. I totally get this and will help you get over your shyness, here is a quote from a recent lady who was petrified..

“Pregnancy has been a long moment of profound insecurity for me. I don’t feel my body belongs to me anymore, it behaves in ways I don’t comprehend and the further I go along with the journey, the less confident I am with the way I look. I am so grateful for the way the shoot went, you made me feel at ease straight away. You completely fulfilled the “esthetics” I had in mind for the pictures and for some reason I can’t explain, you magically managed to almost switch-off my self-awareness. “

Lisa 2022

Parachute Dress FAQ

Where do you do these outdoor photo shoots?

There are 2 locations that are ideal for the parachute dress shoots, one is in West London at a viaduct in Hanwell, the other is Hampstead Heath.

How does it work?

The session will start with you changing into the dress which comes in 2 parts (the skirt is detatchable so you can walk without killing yourself!).  We can work out logistics for this before hand, it may be that we meet up at the nearest cafe to change.  We will then spend around an hour creating your portfolio of images to include closer cropped portraits as well as the dramatic wide angle big skirt images.  I will have with me probably 2 assistants to help manage the skirt and make sure it is controlled and not flying away too much.

What size is the dress to fit?

The dress is to fit a variety of sizes and has been made to work around your bump.  It should fit you if you are size 10 and if you are size 16.  If you are unsure how it will work and you are either very petit or think you’re bigger than a size 16 you can come to try on the dress in my West London Studio beforehand.

Other options for dress

I have one dress in a soft pink that was made for me by Alice Andrews Design in the US specifically for maternity shoots.. however she does rent out other gorgeous dresses made in the same way which I think could easily be made to work with a pregnant belly.  The belt for the parachute just goes either under the bump or on top of it.  She rents out her dresses internationally, so you can choose a colour that you love and get it sent over.  Rental Lookbook — Alice Andrews Designs

What if the weather is bad?

So I am looking for an overcast day with no rain in order to get the shots I want.  If it’s looking like it’s going to be bright sunshine or heavy rain we may need to push back a day or so.  There’s no point in half measures here.

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