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Motherhood Photo Shoots




Motherhood Photo Shoots

Simplicity and Beauty

Between 4 and 12 months is the time when a parent truly bonds with their child.  Your baby can smile, laugh, interact and hug.. this is just the most wonderful time to capture, and what’s more, they can’t run away!!!!  The mother and baby photo shoots are more about you and your child and the bond that has formed over the last few months.

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Where are the motherhood photo shoots done?

My West London studio is a lovely open and relaxed room at my home in Ealing.  It is a home rather than a sterile studio space and as such tends to put people at ease straight away.  There is parking on the road outside and we are only 2 mins walk from the Piccadilly line tube station Northfields.

What age is best for my baby to be?

The best time to have a Motherhood shoot is when your baby is between 4-10 months old

Will the images be retouched?

Yes I will gently retouch the images to enhance your natural beauty but not to make you look like another person.  I want you to be happy with your portraits so I can take into consideration any issues you may have with your body, though I need you to understand that I am aiming for a natural look rather than an overly airbrushed magazine look and as such will not over airbrush images. Mother and child photo shoots are a celebration of love in visual form and as such I want to meke these images as beautiful as possible but keeping them true to life.

How long is the shoot?

Due to the age of your baby, I will try to get this shoot done in about an hour.  This is plenty of time to do loads of different ideas but not so long that your child will run out of steam.  We can stop for feeds etc though so don’t worry.

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