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Outdoor Maternity Photo Shoot

Parachute Dress Maternity Photo Shoot

A Shoot Like No Other

If you are after a truly magical experience and would prefer an outdoor maternity photo shoot giving you a stunning set of high fashion maternity portraits that no one else will have, the parachute dress is perfect for you.  The dress has been hand made exclusively for my me by the amazing Alice Andrews Design over in the US.  I have admired her dresses for years and so commissioned a piece by her this winter.  If you have seen the style of outdoor family portraits I do you’ll understand the need for a dress that would blend with nature and not clash, which is why I have gone for the colour I have.  It is truly unique, there are no other photographers doing this kind of shoot

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Where do you do these outdoor photo shoots?

There are 2 locations that are ideal for the parachute dress shoots, one is in West London at a viaduct in Hanwell, the other is Hampstead Heath.

How does it work?

The session will start with you changing into the dress which comes in 2 parts (the skirt is detatchable so you can walk without killing yourself!).  We can work out logistics for this before hand, it may be that we meet up at the nearest cafe to change.  We will then spend around an hour creating your portfolio of images to include closer cropped portraits as well as the dramatic wide angle big skirt images.  I will have with me probably 2 assistants to help manage the skirt and make sure it is controlled and not flying away too much.

What size is the dress to fit?

The dress is to fit a variety of sizes and has been made to work around your bump.  It should fit you if you are size 10 and if you are size 16.  If you are unsure how it will work and you are either very petit or think you’re bigger than a size 16 you can come to try on the dress in my West London Studio beforehand.

What if the weather is bad?

So I am looking for an overcast day with no rain in order to get the shots I want.  If it’s looking like it’s going to be bright sunshine or heavy rain we may need to push back a day or so.  There’s no point in half measures here.

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