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I am a highly experienced London family Photographer specialising in pregnancy photography and family photography in both my West London Studio and surrounding London parklands. I am a mother of 2 boys (23 and 17) and wife to another, the only other female in the house is our cherished cat Rosie.

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I believe that it is our job as parents to create a visual record of our journey through family life.  To give children a sense of belonging and of being loved and cherished right from when they are in the womb.  It is my job to give you those visual heirlooms in the most beautiful, creative and poignent way I can.  My images need to stand the test of time and when your children are grown up and having kids of their own, they will want to show these images to their own children and be proud.

London master photographer Susan Porter-Thomas



Ever since the birth of my first child Sam, my life has been a blur of cameras and photo shop experiments, I simply couldn’t get enough of taking photos of him.  I dug out my gorgeous manual Olympus OM2 camera that my father gave to me when I was 18 and I’ve never looked back.

Thanks to my artistic mother and my highly logical and techy father, I have inherited a love of both worlds which are key to being a successful photographer.  After working in the business world (BA) for 8 years after University and picking up a bit of business know-how, I found the courage to start a photography business of my own back in 2005.  I worked extremely hard, developed my skills and kept the passion for what I do, I have become one of the top London Family Photographers, specialising in fine art pregnancy photography, newborn photography and location family photography.  Awarded Master Photographer status in 2020 for both Maternity and Child Portraiture.

People travel from as far away as Birmingham and Devon to my studio in Ealing, West London to have me photograph their pregnancy and from then on I am asked back to take baby photos and family photos as their family grows.  I aim to create truly artistic portraits of children and families, for the experience to be a happy memorable one and for them to look forward to the next time I see them.  These images need to stand the test of time, I want you to be proud to show them to your great grandchildren and beyond.

In my spare time I am a dedicated member and Chair of Canticum Chamber Choir, the Best London Chamber Choir of course.. we sing upto 8 concerts a year and I have been a soprano in the choir for over 20 years now.. it is my most valued pastime and I couldn’t live without it.  Do come along to one of our concerts if you have the time.  I am also a very keen cook, sourdough owner, and recorder player.

Master Photographer Susan Porter-Thomas BSc MSc LSWPP

Children's Photographer in London
childrens photographer in London

My Husband of 20 years

Location photographer London
studio photographer london
The studio cat Rosie
Susan Porter-Thomas
Mini Me..
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