I am an experienced London pregnancy photographer and I aim to create elegant, creative and refined maternity portraits, nothing cheesy, but careful posing and lighting to create gorgeous portraits. All maternity shoots are taken in my West London studio and are as individual as you are.  We will chat about your preferred style at the start of your session so that you get the best images possible.

“I can’t find the words to thank you for capturing this very special moment. I may not have looked particularly anxious last Wednesday, hiding behind a smile, but I was truly petrified about the shooting… It was my first time being professionally shot, not even mentioning the almost naked all the time factor..Yet now I am so happy I did it, and so happy I did it with you.” Clarisse

Maternity Photo Shoot, 2018

Where do I need to come?
creative pregnancy portraitsMy West London studio is in lovely open and relaxed room at my home in Ealing.  It is a home rather than a sterile studio space and as such tends to put people at ease straight away.  There is parking on the road outside and we are only 2 mins walk from the Piccadilly line tube station Northfields. 
At what stage do I HAVE THE SHOOT?
The best time to have a maternity shoot is when you are between 32 and 36 weeks pregnant although twins pregnancies should be done earlier and shoots can be done upto the due date if you’re happy to do so.
What do I need to bring?
I provide a beautiful selection of materials to use in the shoot as well as dresses, skirts, shirts and drapes so you really don’t need to bring any clothing.  It is advisable to bring with you black, nude and white pants and if you have one a strapless nude bra, but make sure the underwear you wear on the morning of the shoot is not too tight so as to leave marks.  You are very welcome to bring with you any clothing you would like to use or props such as hats or jewellery which will add your own touch to the images.
Do you retouch the images?

Yes I will retouch the images in the editing process so that they are ready to print.  Once you have selected your preferred shots I will then do a skin retouch and pin point check.  I want you to be happy with your portraits so I can take into consideration any issues you may have with your body, though I need you to understand that I am aiming for a natural look rather than an overly airbrushed magazine look and as such will not over airbrush images.  Occassionally I have come across issues with other people’s screens where the contrast is extremely high and this will make your images look less appealing, I can only adjust the images to my own screen which is calibrated correctly.

Do you offer make up and hair stylists?

I am not set up to have you do your hair and make up at the studio, however I can recommend a high end beauty salon that does home visits as well as pick up and drop offs.  They are called Hannah London and cover most of London.  Give them a call and let them know I sent you.  Alternatively there is a hair salon at the end of my road called MSN Hair, ask for Margaret.

Do I need to take my clothes off?
Not at all, this shoot is for you and as such I will do what you are comfortable with.  We will have a chat at the start of the shoot so I know what you’re wanting in terms of style and we will work with your preferences with regards to nudity.  Most of my clients decide to have some nude or semi nude shots simply because they look amazing..though I never do shots where you are able to see nipples or the pubic area, so rest assured I will preserve your dignity at all times.  Most of the time you will be using materials or arms and posing to cover up.
How long will it take before I can see the images?
Your edited images will be placed online and be ready to view within a week of the shoot

The session fee for maternity shoots is £220 which is payable as a deposit, you then pay for the minimum digital package on the day of the shoot which includes 5 high resolution digital files (suitable for printing) and 5 fine art prints of those images 12x8in (A4) in size.  You can of course upgrade from this to get 10, 15 or even all the images or choose to buy an album when you’ve seen your selection.  To receive a full price list please fill out your email address here.  You will also receive £80 off a newborn session fee.


My weekends get booked up about 2 months in advance but weekday bookings it’s usually 4 weeks notice I need.  If you would like to find a time..

Schedule Appointment

Do show me any images that best describe what style you like as this will help me to give you a bespoke shoot geared to your preferences. I want you to love your images so I’m happy to try new things too.
If you’re having a wobble with confidence and can’t bear the thought of posing for a camera when your body is simply not your own at the moment…feel conforted you are not alone. I totally get this and will help you get over your shyness, here is a quote from a recent lady who was petrified..

“Pregnancy has been a long moment of profound insecurity for me. I don’t feel my body belongs to me anymore, it behaves in ways I don’t comprehend and the further I go along with the journey, the less confident I am with the way I look. I am so grateful for the way the shoot went, you made me feel at ease straight away. You completely fulfilled the “esthetics” I had in mind for the pictures and for some reason I can’t explain, you magically managed to almost switch-off my self-awareness. “

pregnancy photo shoots London

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I booked a family shoot with Susan because I wanted to capture a special moment in time with my family. We had never had a professional shoot before and were a little sceptical about how Susan would get us into a frame looking like we wanted to be there! We visited Susan's studio and she managed the task with humour. The shoot was fun, and the photos prove that. We are getting some classic close up prints which I will treasure.
Fiona MacNeely
Fiona MacNeely
12:41 29 Dec 16
Susan did an excellent job photographing our newborn. She has a lovely down to earth demeanor, and conducted the shoot from our flat - all of which kept my husband, our new baby, and me at ease. The photographs turned out beautifully. We're very happy with the whole experience.
Brooke Holiday
Brooke Holiday
13:32 28 Dec 16
We got images taken on Hampstead Heath as we enjoy walking there as a family. Susan is really friendly and engaging and was absolutely wonderful at getting my two boys to be enthusiastic about the shoot - which is no small feat especially since the youngest is only two years old. The resulting images were beautiful, the only problem we had was deciding which ones to frame!
Jean Clarke
Jean Clarke
13:14 28 Nov 16
We recently had our two children photographed at Susan's studio, and the photos really capture their personalities. Our 4 year old daughter especially loved posing in front of the wind machine and Susan managed to capture our cheeky one year old son with his big sister after many creative attempts at trying to get them to stay still together! The images are superb and I would recommend Susan for her skill and artistry.
Ealing 135 Advertising
Ealing 135 Advertising
21:27 21 Oct 16
We are delighted with the photos Susan took of our family at home! She used some of our personal belongings and was very engaging with our 3 year old boy. I would definitely recommend her work!
Silvia Yasuda
Silvia Yasuda
11:41 07 Dec 16
Wow! I am truly blown away by the photographs that Susan shot of my children. I can't stop looking at them. She has managed to capture such beautiful, gentle, elegant yet powerful images. I will treasure them forever. Susan made the children feel totally relaxed and at ease, they loved every minute of the shoot and had lots of fun. We have had professional shoots before but they have been nothing like this and it shows in what she has produced. Thank you Susan
Marian Bavington
Marian Bavington
12:35 04 Mar 17
We had great experience with Susan. The shoot place were primrose hill. Her arrangements were perfect. Especially, she instructed us just right position and took us with sunlight filtering through the trees ingeniously. Our sons really enjoyed the photo shooting. The photos are so good and much exceeded our expectations. The photos and the experience are our precious memories in London !
Junya Hosaka
Junya Hosaka
15:27 18 Nov 17
Its a pleasure working with Susan. Our exchanges before the shoot were great - I knew exactly what to expect and we got good advice on location and what to wear. The shoot went very smoothly, and Susan was able to capture fabulous shots, ticking off everything on my wish list. She was flexible and worked well with my two-year old daughter, dog, and husband - who does not like posing for the camera! I cant wait to work with her again.
Nadia Strone
Nadia Strone
10:19 22 Nov 17
Susan is the perfect photographer to create beautiful memories of your family! We truly love her pictures, full of personality and love. We also enjoyed very much the shoot at her studio. She is simply professional and highly recommendable! We look forward for our next shoot with her!
Anna Maggioli
Anna Maggioli
16:20 14 Dec 17
Once again, we had such an amazing experience. Susan has a great personality and a spot on eye, able to improvise at any minute while we were outdoors. My daughter felt relaxed and happy and so did we. The pictures were fabulous and that is why I keep coming back to Susan for more and more photo sessions. I would recommend Susan to anyone who would want long lasting, quality memories.Thank you Susan, you've been brilliant again! xx
Eliza Moldovan
Eliza Moldovan
10:24 17 Sep 17
We had lovely photo section with Susan, Susan was friendly and helpful. The images taken with Holland park in Autumn were gorgeous ! They are even better than I was imagined. Thank you so much Susan !
Kelly Wu
Kelly Wu
00:30 30 Nov 17
I really enjoyed my maternity photo session with Susan last weekend. She is warm, friendly and immediately made us feel comfortable. I wasn't really sure what I wanted, other than for us to capture 'the bump', but I love the varied, beautifully lit images she has produced. I'm happy we'll have these to look back on and remember this time. Definitely recommended!
17:12 15 Sep 17
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