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Newborn Photo Shoots in your home

Welcome to my newborn at home baby portfolio.  I am an experienced studio newborn photographer and natural light newborn photographer.  Everything you see on this page has been taken with only window light in people’s homes.

Given the very nature of a newborn, the best time for a newborn photo shoot is any time up to 6 weeks of age although they are at their smallest at around 5-10 days.  They grow quickly and start to straighten out, so the longer you leave it the less able to curl them up in the foetal position they become.  It’s a wonderful time to do a newborn family photoshoot and include any older siblings and grandparents.  Such a celebration of new life can’t be underestimated and will be a treasure in years to come.

There are many opportunities in the first year that are good for photographing babies, not just newborn, so if  you’ve missed that time, don’t worry, it’s always a good time.  Take a look at my mother and baby photo shoots for older babies.

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Shall I do a home based or studio newborn family shoot?

I am happy to do both studio and home visits for a newborn family photoshoot.  The studio will give a more polished look and feel to the images as I can control the lighting and background more.  A home shoot will give you more relaxed images that are softer and use only natural light.  All the images on this page are taken with only natural light.  To see the Studio Newborn Portraits Click Here

What if my birth date is different to the due date?

Don’t worry, I will accomodate you in an early or later shoot so if your baby arrives at an unexpected time, just let me know and I’ll rebook you..it happens all the time!!

How long is a newborn photo shoot?

As I specialise in a more natural styel of newborn photography I don’t need you to be in the studio all day!  The shoot will take between 1 and 2 hrs with the usual length of time being around 1.5-2 hrs. This gives enough time for feeds and changes of clothing etc without worrying.  You can park right outside the studio too so it’s very easy to get in and out.

How long after the birth should we book for?

Within the first 2 weeks is best for a newborn photo shoot.  They will still be able to curl up in the foetal position and sleep a lot at this age but if you would like to do one later than this don’t worry, they are just as doable after 4 weeks too.

Do you photograph older babies too?

Yes absolutely.  If you’ve missed the newborn phase, don’t worry.. your baby is gorgeous no matter how old they are, it just means that the style of images changes slightly.  Best times to capture babies are 3 months, 7 months and 12 months usually, but do check with me if you have only a limited time to do the shoot.  My Motherhood Shoots are a great way to capture older babies as well as the strong bond between mother and child in this first year.

Take a look at this blog to show you what can be done at different stages – Best Stages for Baby Shoots

What do I need to think about for a home shoot?

You will need to be no more than 40 mins drive from Ealing, with a place to park (on street is fine).  You need good window light and be able to turn the heating up high for the session.

How far ahead would I need to book?

You should consider making a booking when you are around 36 weeks pregnant if you would like to have a newborn shoot within the first 2 weeks.  If your baby arrives on a very different due date than predicted then this date is moveable so don’t worry 

Do we need to come back for a viewing?

Not at all.  I understand it’s hard to get out with a newborn and so will be placing your edited images online with a password where you can choose your favourites in your own home in your own time.Not at all.  I understand it’s hard to get out with a newborn and so will be placing your edited images online with a password where you can choose your favourites in your own home in your own time.

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