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Newborn Shoot Home/Studio Guide

Lets make the most out of your shoot..

Baby Prep

If you are breastfeeding please refrain from eating spicy, acidic or gassy foods for 24 and possibly 48 hrs before the shoot.  This will lead to a more settled baby.

If you are bottle feeding then please do bring along more than you would normally expect to use, babies tend to drink a lot during the shoot.

If they have dry skin, apply a bit of oil on the morning of the shoot to make them look soft and gorgeous

If they have long nails do try and cut them or tear them off as a scratched face is not a pretty one..

If you can time feeding your baby to just before you arrive this is the ideal time

If you have a dummy/pacifier please do bring one as they are great for settling a baby without having to do a feed. I have some here that I will sterilize and use if you don’t have one.  A baby won’t get attached to a dummy in the time I’m doing the shoot but it will help me to do my job if your baby is unsettled

Where is the Studio?

31 Wellington Road, Ealing, W54UJ

There is parking on the road outside for free, or the nearest tube station is Northfields on the Piccadilly Line (2 mins walk).

What if we're stuck in traffic?

I generally spread my shoots out so that I don’t have any issues over timing, although if you are more than half an hour late to the session I will invoice you for £50 per half hour.  If you are more than 40 mins late then I will need to rebook your shoot for a later date at a cost of £250 so please do check how long it’s likely to take to get to the shoot location.

Are you coming from central London on the A4/M4?

This is a tricky one to get right as the slip road off the flyover on the M4 is easy to miss… you are essentially driving over the top of the A4 underneath so satnav can’t figure it out.  Once you have passed the exit to the Chiswick Roundabout, you should look for the first exit off the flyover.  If you miss this it’s bloomin ages to get the chance to turn around.

Can I bring other people with me?

Yes absolutely.  Do bring your partner as well as other children, this is a family shoot focusing on your newborn so the other kids if there are any are very welcome to be in some of the images.  Do bring another carer though if you’re on your own and bringing young children.

What if my baby arrives early/late?

If your baby arrives early,  just let me know and I’ll put you in an earlier date.  If they are late then we’ll push the date back a bit.  I’m happy to be flexible as you’re unlikely to know when baby will arrive unless you have a C section!

Extra Home Shoot Prep

If you’ve booked a home shoot, then you’ll need to make sure the temperature in your home is lovely and warm (around 24 degrees) so that we can do naked baby shots without them getting cold.  Other than this just try to feed your baby so you’re finished just before I’m due to arrive.

Do you retouch the images?

Yes I will retouch the images to enhance your natural beauty but not to make you look like another person.  I want you to be happy with your portraits so I can take into consideration any issues you may have with your body and will smooth out skin imperfections etc.  I am aiming for a best you natural look rather than an overly airbrushed magazine look and as such will not over airbrush images.

Should we bring anything with us?

So I would come with a dark top and a light top for you and your partner/kids.  Try and match colours if you can.  Something that covers your upper arms is preferable for sure.

Your baby will be wrapped in my own wraps or naked so don’t worry about them.

Can you remind me of the pricing

The prices listed on the website  and to the deposit fee as agreed at the time of booking.  You are welcome to upgrade to the full set of digital images for the reduced rate of £1000 upto the end of the shoot date when the price will go back to £1400. This can be paid in cash on the day too or an invoice can be sent.

Can I take photos with my phone?

Please understand that the use of cameras will not be permitted unless it is for a ‘behind the scenes’ shot of the me, you can take as may images of me as you like!!!. I will have your images ready within a week of the shoot so you won’t have to wait long. I will have to ask you to put your phone away if you try and take photos of your children during the course of the shoot.  

I've found some images I love online, can we try them?

Do show me any images that best describe what style you like as this will help me to give you a bespoke shoot geared to your preferences. I want you to love your images so I’m happy to try new things too.

Do I need to come back to see the images?

No, all your edited images will be viewable in an online gallery with an order for attached so you don’t need to find more time to get to me for a viewing.  It’s very easy to order from and I’m here if you need any help with it.

Can I use my purchased images online?

When you purchase digital images from your shoot, these images are to be used in a personal and private manner. If you share the images on social media you should credit Susan Porter-Thomas photography as the photographer and if you are wanting to use the images in a commercial setting then you should get in touch to discuss rates.

Force Majeure

I will not be held responsible for acts of God, natural disasters, an act of government such as a declaration of national or local emergency, or other Incidents not within the control of the vendor, i.e. pandemics, accident, adverse road hazards, obstacles that may delay delivery.

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