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Favourite Location no.7

If you’ve landed on this page from Google then this is one of my top locations for taking family photo shoots.  Do take a look at my full family portfolio before reading about Regent’s Park below.

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Regents Park

For a family photo shoot Regents Park designed by John Nash, covers 395 acres and includes Queen Mary’s Gardens which features more than 30,000 roses of 400 varieties, as well as the gloriously restored William Andrews Nestfield’s Avenue Gardens.  Centrally located this is great for visiting families to the city as well as those living in Paddington, Marlybone, St John’s Wood etc.

Pros – This is a free park to enter.  The part of this park I usually use for family shoots is the central circle which encompasses Queen Mary’s Gardens, meeting at the The Garden Cafe (Coffee ok here, snacks pretty good though).  This is perfect for a family shoot, manageable size for walking with small people and some lovely backdrops including stunning roses, little bridges, waterfalls and fountains and great walkways.  It’s a fun space for little people to explore and nicely compact.

Cons – The parking around the Inner Circle isn’t free but is usually easy enough to find a space.  This park can also be quite busy so I often come here with families early in the day, that way we won’t have to wait for people to get out of the background or walk past our shot.  No tree climbing or wild areas here though.

Best times to go – Summer, amazing roses and great planting throughout.

Logistics – Free to enter and as mentioned there is metered parking around the inner circle which is usually available at the times I arrange shoots.  The nearest tube is probably Baker Street, about 10 mins walk with little feet.  There are lots of loos within the park and benches to take a break.

Fulham Palace Gardens is another good place pretty central worth considering.  

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