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Burnham Beeches

Outdoor family photo shoot

Favourite Location no.8

If you’ve landed on this page from Google then this is one of my top locations for taking family photo shoots.  Do take a look at my full family portfolio before reading about Burnham Beeches below.

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Outside London Family Photography

If you are wanting to make a trip of it and get out of London then here are some Greater London Family photography Locations to consider that I know well and love to shoot in.  I am very happy to try new locations by the way, if it is a new location I usually aim to get there early so I have time to scout around and look for the best spots.

Burnham Beeches

A stunning area of mature woodland about half an hour up the M40 with good pathways, cheap parking and a cafe.


It’s free to go in and has some really lovely wild areas of natural growth woodland to explore. Because it is so big it is easy to get away from the crowds and find a place to play. There’s loads of fantastic mature trees and grass areas whch look fantastic for portraits.


It can get busy so it’s best to meet early so we can have the space to ourselves.  Autumn is particularly good in the woods, colours are amazing.


Parking is easy and lots of it.  There is a cafe here that is open all year around.  Not much walking required to get to the best spots


Other locations worth considering:-

  • Epping Forest
  • Windsor Great Park
  • Anywhere in the Green Belt around London

Burnham Beeches

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