London photographer



Pregnancy clients, newborn babies and fine art sessions all take place at the West London photo studio which is in Ealing, W5. The Studio is in my home in a large open room with professional high end studio lighting and backgrounds to die for..  It’s a relaxed living area which I am told will immediately put you at your ease. It is, after all, a home.  It’s not a scary white space and doesn’t have imposing rigs all over the place..it even has two studio cats – Rosie and Jasper – who will come and love you to death given half the chance (do tell me if you are not a cat lover and she can be put away).

The studio has numerous backdrop colours in canvas and paper that I work with regularly and that I feel are the most elegant. We will choose colours of materials and clothing to compliment both your skin tone and the backdrops.

There is parking on the road outside and it is only 2 mins walk from the tube station on the Piccadilly Line.

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